Cooks in the kitchen

I’m still not sure exactly what we’re doing with this website, but it seems like a nice place to share thoughts about the big change that’s coming to the Austin-Avon family. So today I gave Austins and Avons their own author name to write with in case they have stories they want to write down, thoughts and wishes to share with Baby A-A, or anything at all.

Maybe Mimi and Poppy can write out some of the family stories and life advice; maybe the grandparents can write out some of their feelings about being a grandparent or their parenting tips; maybe Uncle Andrew can keep a running list of the names he’s come up with for Baby A-A; and maybe Erika can get out some of her thoughts about how weird pregnancy is… Whatever you want, fam!

We can make this private so it’s just between family if you think that would be better. It’s for us all, so we can do whatever we want with it…