Cory Austin-AvonCory Austin-Avon grew up right next door to where he currently lives in Glens Falls. He is a guitarist and works at Irving Tissue. He gets dragged around to whatever Kate is doing.

His jams are experimental and trancey, built on a loop pedal. He’s really good. He is also the sweetest, most thoughtful and adorable human being ever to exist.

Other than playing guitar, Cory also enjoys vacuuming, scooping cat litter, drinking beer, going to concerts (especially Phish and Wilco), checking Phish message boards, watching Phish live videos, listening to Phish music and nodding, talking about Phish, swimming in his pool, spending time with family, relaxing on the couch, worrying about things that haven’t happened yet, twiddling his hair, saying “Who says?”, watching Netflix and doing crossword puzzles in the bathroom.